Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Ride -the countdown is fixed - destination unkown

Despite the countdown having been set to the wrong date for the last, oh, year (it is now correct)... there has been an unprecidented level of agreement on date. Some years, it has taken months of intense meeting and back room deals to iron out the date, that has theoretically been the same for over a decade.

So, here we have an agreed upon date, and our trails are on fire.

Vigorous debate is now ensuing on location. We haven't had a good location argument since around 2004.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TNR Report - Great Awards

Great acting deserves great rewarding. And so, G received a great honour last night for his lead role in the Male Prairie Cyclocross Rider filim.
View here to join the millions thousands who have been moved by this gripping documentary.

Steve "The Voice" powered through a fairly long-winded and oft interupted awarding speech, to the point that it's not quite clear to this reporter what the actual award is titled. It is written in tape on the award, so ask G what he won. It's really important, though.

As you can see, the trophy is a cyclist who is curling, representing the diversity G displayed in setting up a cross course and shooting a feature piece at virtually the same time.

Congrats G.

Also, there was a token bike ride, and less token beer drinking, and a fire at the Impaler's.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Ride date

The countdown has been updated to reflect the new date.

June 5-7. Those who should be there know who they are (in a literal sense).

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

24 hours of Brad Pitt - Studio Cross 2015

Good times were had at this years Nordic CX 24-hour race! It does seem that each year the total cumulative riding distance diminishes slightly, but that fact doesn't seem to hurt the competition!

 Oh the race... The Drama... or should we say "Dramas". 

Good to see over 18 participants this year!

 Here are this years results:
1st - DFL - 11 Laps
2nd - The Energizer, Johnny S, The Hipster, G - 10 Laps
6th - The Impaler - 9 Laps
7th - Benjamin Button the Messenger guy, DanE, Greyhammy, Jeremy - 6 Laps

 No Mans Land.... He was there but unable to lift a sharpie to fill in his laps...
Mike G

 ***DNF*** (Missed B.L.Lap)
CHB - 6 Laps
Vic - 5 Laps
The Big Frame - 4 Laps
Andrea - 3 Laps
Juan Epstein - 2 Laps
Tegan - 1 Lap 

***DNF*** (didn't bring a bike - slacker penalty)
Cousin Thomas - 5 Laps


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Last TNR with Brother David

We hesitate to use the word 'last', since we are quite sure this is not the last we have seen of David, nor was this likely his last TNR. David, like the TNR, is not something that just goes away never to return. Rather, much like the scars one might get from violently and repeatedly crashing one's bicycle, they become a part of us, never to be scrubbed away by time, distance, or copious amounts of Polysporin.

In spite of conditions that the Finnish might describe as 'Cold as Russian Hell', a sizeable contingency left their warm domiciles to partake in the farewell festivities. Organized by The Hipster, the night would include riding some trails, followed by an evening of revelry at The Good Will for (presumably) Good Times, Good Company, and Good Pizza.

It was, as they say, a Swiss watch of a plan.

We assembled at the Junkshon, where it was determined the weather was not nearly as despicable as originally anticipated. Here, The Inhaler gives the conditions the thumbs up, or perhaps flips me the bird. Such is the eternal mystery of the lobster.
Daniel arrived sporting a very large rack. Six pounds of rack, to be exact. While it impressed the crowd with both its size and weight, Daniel admitted the handling and manoeuvrability are not ideal.
The trails were in excellent condition, which made for pleasant and fast riding. The ice skating trails through the Forks are now finished, a fact we discovered by crashing spectacularly as our bikes mysteriously disappeared from beneath us. That gravity, she is a bitch.

When we'd had our fill of falling, we made our merry way to The Good Will to thaw out and rehydrate. We had reserved the massive wooden harvest table, no doubt laboriously fabricated by an army of hipsters and their dads' power tools.
Pizza Cat got the pizza ball rolling, as is her way, and before long, each of us had easily consumed our own body weight in delicious, thin crusted pizzas. It was decided that Liquid Smoke should be the official condiment sponsor of the FGBC and shall henceforth be put on everything.

It was also decided that after several unfortunate years of being passed over, Brad Pitt will be the subject of this winter's 24 hour race. It is anticipated that during the showing of Fight Club things might get a little weird.
Overall, the venue suited us just fine, and the vintage punk was a perfect soundtrack to the evening.
Brother David, Calamity Dave, Hot Legs, Cyclocross Jesus... no matter what we call you, know you will be missed. Like your namesake, we hope you come back soon.

Which is an appropriate segue to the interesting story of the image at the beginning of this post. The story is interesting only in that we are not entirely sure how or why it happened, but that it happened at all is a testament (ahem) to the good company and good times we had. Amen.

Nordic Cross News. What?

At a very formal and sombre gathering of the FGBC, to mark the passing of a member from our midst, some serious business was negotiated. Please pay attention and miss these notable meetings at your peril.

January 6 - Pizza Cross (planned by, obviously, the VP Pizza)

Jan 20 - Curry Cross

Feb 21 - 24hrs of Brad Pitt

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The countdown has been attended to

With all the time spent around this...
there's barely been time to pay attention to ourselves. No matter what goes wrong at CX2014, spring ride will come.