Wednesday, February 11, 2004

little biking news, but the Pixies are coming

there was little news in our biking world. Chris crashed again, on the same corner that's burned him many times. He did show the wound on his knee. He also reported that the Icebike race was a fine experience. We should all be pleased with his results which are a launching the FGBC into new levels of status. I guess he would have had to tell someone that he rides with FGBC.... you did do that loud and proud, didn't you Chris? at least quietly?

I have been promised a few pictures of the Icebike event, but will not hold my breath for them to turn up in my inbox. Rest assured, they will go on the site if they do arrive.

so, the big news at my end of the table was the Pixies reunion tour which kicks off in, you guessed it, Winnipeg. this is significant because it was clear that we would be participating in our first bke club funeral if Marles doesn't get tickets. Torn between the ecstasy of imagining being at the show (which will take place at the Walker, a fine, small venue for such a show), and the debilitating fear of not getting tickets, Bergen and Marles were fairly roughed up.

I think a change in the weather will bring biking more to the forefront of discussions again... not to mention that it should take us a month or two to nail down a date for our weekend gathering...

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