Monday, May 09, 2005

Manitoba Cup #2 Race Report

Racing season is under way. Actually, it began a few weeks back, but yesterday was the first time out for me. Discovered that playing Hummelt hockey once a week and riding to work and back is not enough. Felt like shit for most of the race, made lots of dumb decisions, etc. But somehow managed to chug away to a 3rd place finish, which was a pleasant surprise. The course was fast, but slippery. Ended up in the trees just once, and almost got taken down by a fellow Tinker Creek rider. But all in all managed to escape relatively unscathed. 30+ Sport is a big group this year, and a genuine sport class, so it should be a fun summer.

Hal took 3rd place in his category, and Unger nearly took down a tree. But I'll let them speak for themselves.

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