Tuesday, February 02, 2010

And the winner is . . .

The relevant results for our little vicarious version of the Arrowhead 135 are as follows:

Pramann finished 3rd in 16:20.
Farrow was 8th in 20 hours.
Gray was 9th in 20:20.
And Lindsay finished 10th, with a time of 23:30.

Full results here. There are still plenty of runners out on course.

Recall that the picks were as follows:

Brad: Charlie Farrow wins in 20:17:00; Lindsay 3rd in 22:31:12
Jonny B: Terry Brannick wins in 20:50:00; Lindsay 4th in 26:15:00
Gianni: Charlie Farrow wins in 17:50:00; Lindsay 9th in 22:40:00
Chris: Dave Pramann wins in 17:00:00; Lindsay 5th in 22:00:00
KK: David Gray wins in 21:22:00; Lindsay 4th in 25:10:00

All the finishing times are still unofficial, but I think they are good enough for our purposes.

Based on some general calculations, the points are as follows (in the following order: winner, winner's time, Lindsay's place, Lindsay's time)

KK: 8+1+6+2 = 17
Brad: 7+0+7+1 = 15
Ian: 7+2+1+1 = 11
Chris: 2+1+5+1.5 = 9.5
Jonny B's score is a little harder to calculate. He picked up 9 points (6+3) for his picks regarding Lindsay. But since he picked Brannick to win and Brannick dropped out, that will cost him enough points to put him out of contention, even if it's not yet clear at this point what the difference will be.

So I win. Woohoo! I love it when that happens. And since this counts toward the 2010 FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge (I did mention that, didn't I?), the FGBC is off to an early lead. At any rate, I will be there at the klubhaus to claim my prize later this evening. But Gianni should be there too. He deserves a prize for basically nailing Lindsay's finishing place and time. He also would have won if, upon realizing three of us picked Red Ass alum Charlie Farrow to win, I hadn't gone and done a little further research on Sunday evening and changed my pick for winner from Farrow to Pramann.


Tom K said...

That Lindsay is amazing!

Gianni said...

Yep, and he's still out there, almost half way back tot he start line.

KK said...

Chris, you didn't present yourself with a prize. Or did you?

The Dark Lord said...

I did. But it was a low-key awards ceremony. Unlike Tomek, I didn't raise a toast to myself. It tasted good though. So did Ian's prize, which I also enjoyed.

WV: hopheag

KK said...

4th place prizing wasn't too bad either.

team jonny said...

how does nobody else pick the defending champ?

this was rigged.

The Dark Lord said...

Another question worth asking is why only one of us picked the holder of the course record.