Monday, May 31, 2010

Dallas Does It

Apologies to those who were not at the Spring Ride. But sometimes vicarious racing must take a back seat to the more tangible variety of bike riding.

We will keep this short and sweet, so as not to take away from the post Spring Ride euphoria that is currently being played out below.

Everything you need to know is here.


co2cycle said...


What a terrible performance by my team.

Sastre: a solid bet, beset by bad luck and ultimately not as strong as many expected

Vandevelde: a solid bet to crash out of a grand tour.

Greipel: he's not Cav, or even Tyler. It didn't help that most sprinter's stages didn't end in traditional sprints.

Dean: a solid third-tier sprinting pick.

Millar: yawn.

Szmyd: i love this guy but he's a terrible pick for this type of competition since he does all the work, but never places well. he actually might have taken on the Nibali role if Nibali hadn't been such a sensation.

Wegmann: nope.

Nicki Sörensen: the other sorensen was the one to pick. i think rolf sorensen scored the same number of points.

Yukiya Arashiro: i stand behind Arashiro. got in two good breakaways--almost winning one. plus a decent sprint finish.

thanks for running this Dr. H. looking forward to TdF!

nosmith said...

I tried to make up for my fellow BCC lantern rouge winner by moving from mid pack obscurity into the top ten. This was a fun race to watch unfold here's hoping the TDF can keep up.

Duece said...

that was a great race, and the vicarious version was fun too.

thnks for putting that together

I found the co2cycle team breakdown kind of interesting, so I submit my take on my mediocre team...

Evans - great pic. great rider. too bad about the flu

Bruseghin - DNF after a crash

Greipel - got me more points than many

Bonnet - good pick considering his obscurity

Rabon - complete rubbish pick

Simoni - very disappointing. total pts was 15 for the mountains class points he earned on his one good day. although, had that stage been 6km shorter, he'd have been 2nd instead of 30th.

Pozzato - very good pick - solid points earner in many different stages

Cioni - not a bad pick - just not great.

Fothen - one top 15 stage when he took part in a break, oh well, better than nothing.

anyhoo, next up is the TDF - can Basso challenge? Will Cav clean up? tough call.