Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TNR Report

It was another short ride. Even shorter than last week. We rode straight to the klubhaus. It was almost as if Mother Nature, having held back on the hatred she seemed destined to heap upon us, elected to shower us with some much needed love. She served up a generous tailwind to assist us in our efforts. Where we encountered some difficulty was with a pedestrian who was as bellicose as he was wayward. Crossing the road while ignoring the red hand flashing in front of him, he took objection to our two-wheeled mode of transportation. Fortunately, the Weasel wasn't there or the situation would no doubt have come to blows. Or at least some significant chest puffing. In the end, he merely cussed at us and we rode on. Brad appeared to mumble something along the lines of "this aggression will not stand, man." But it fizzled in the stiff east wind and didn't reach its intended target. There was little interest in stopping to redress the injustice we had endured, because we had reason to believe that a mysterious package might be waiting for us at the klubhaus. The propsect was too exciting to postpone for a ride, let alone a dustup. When we arrived, we were not disappointed.

So the Impaler's pulchritudinous mug now graces a white t-shirt. KK loves his SOB shirt so much he made the announcement that he was laying claim to his own season. It will be fall. His first forray into cyclocross was not as awesome as he'd hoped. But there is reason to believe 2011 will be better. Get ready of the Fall of KK. You may also refer to it as FOKK. But be careful when you make reference to it in Steinbach or Winkler.

As for the identity of the person behind this campaign of Impaler love, nobody even came close to thinking it might be the Cricket. Brilliant.

The tunes were mediocre. That is because the Cars came on. Again. That's three weeks in a row. It's almost as long as the Cheap Trick streak we experienced a while back. But not nearly as enjoyable. And then, as if right on cue, Robin Zander and his friends showed up on the hi fi a short while later. It was as though they felt our pain and took it upon themselves to make things right. It was a touching gesture. But it wasn't enough to undo the damage. In fact, the emotional wreckage was so devastating that we all left early. For the first time in a long, long time we hit the road before they kicked us out the door.

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