Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One last sock post

Most of the socks have been distributed to their owners - I hope they're being enjoyed. Please check the original post. A strike-through indicates paid, but I may have forgotten a quickly passed twenty - or been confused by an indirect payment - here or there.

Paddy, I now have your new address via FB, so unless you're putting in a cameo around these parts sometime soon, I'll get yours in the mail next week.

There are some extras, so if you missed out or want more, let either the DL or myself know. Sartorial Department out.

 P.S. The Hipster has raised the issue of a new wool jersey. Expressions of interest appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Wool! Lyle and I have been discussing what kind of design would be pertinent as well. Ideas/themes have included TNR jersey, cross, winter, 24/hour, general classic-themed FGBC. Ideas more than welcomed.

... said...
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tinker tim said...

let me know the next time you, or anyone else who is collecting sock $$ will be at the klubhaus and I'll do my best to be there with my $20.

PaddyH said...


who wants my dirty alberta oil money?