Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks Andy

For pointing out that we forgot to include Spooky Cross in last weekend's results.

With that, plus three races this weekend, we have five winners to announce.

Spooky Cross #1 - Andy, Chris O, Mike, Ryan tied for first
Spooky Cross #2 - Andy, Mike
Downeast Cross #1 - Chris H
Downeast Cross #2 - Chris H
World Cup #2 - Andy

After two weekends, King Andy leads the overall race. He has 2395 points. Chris O is in second place, 115 points back. I am in third, another 135 points back. From there it's a big gap to the rest of the field. Dan is in fourth place, 380 points from the final podium spot.

Full results and overall standings here.

With a bunch of racers heading back to the US after their little Czech adventure for the first two World Cup races of the season, things should return to normal. It is hard to get a read on the teams without the usual split between European and North American races.

Speaking of teams, take a look at all of them and size up the competition in the pool right here.

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