Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

And still on a Thursday no less. We are on top of our game this week. Which is good, because it's time to crown some provincial champions. The klubhaus needs to be decorated with some hardware. So we need the Dark Side to be at its very best.

Hal and the OLY Boys are putting on the race. And the poster seems to suggest Bart Wellens will be there. That is awesome! Hopefully someone told him he does not qualify for a medal.

Or maybe Bart caught wind of the rumour that the Impaler has discovered a new method for serving up some dollar primes he brought back from a recent visit to the US of A.

Either way, it will be super sweet on Sunday. The weather will be sloppy and the good times will be flowing. It will be nice to share it all with our special guest from Belgium.

For more info, including online registration details, go here.

Now, back to the wool jersey count.


halloewen said...

If the Impaler uses loonies there is no freaking way I going after those...

Greg S said...

Chris, I sent you an email.. Mike H will have $ for my socks at the race, please bring them. Thanks.

Gianni said...

Course is marked. Increased the fast flowy sections a bit from last year, fewer places where rhythm gets broken. Two dismount/running sections, one on sand. Fast, fast, fast.

And no rain/snow, it looks like.