Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TNR Report

Whittier, it was the opposite of shittier. Nearly snow free singletrack in mid-December? Weird. But awesome nonetheless.

There were a few icy patches though. And one of them, combined with an errant tree sent the Impaler tumbling down the side of the high line trail and into the burrs.

The President was waiting for us at the klubhaus. Don't believe us? We have proof:

He was there, in part, because we had some big news to digest. But at this point the details must remain top-secret. Almost as secret as the story of the Darkness, which was quite finicky last night. The tunes? I don't recall a single one. That's how big the big news was. We were preoccupied. But not so preoccupied that we missed witnessing two separate incidents in which the Hipster was groped. That beard, it has special powers.


mhandsco said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

True story: Last week a student asked to touch my beard. I permitted it. He reached for it, and was promptly shocked. Static rules. Seriously happened.

wv: egnox

Anonymous said...

I still feel violated.

Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

Mark, with great power comes great responsibility.