Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TNR Report

It did not start out well. The Hipster broke a chain on the ride over to the Forks.

Fortunately, the four of us who were riding with him managed to cobble together everything we needed to get it fixed. Bill supplied the light. Jonny G supplied the chain tool. I contributed some spare chain links. And Brandon, in what was perhaps the biggest contribution of them all, found a can of FGD in his pack.

It took a little while, but we got it fixed and continued on our way.

The river trail was in perfect shape. Perfect for riding, at least. Not so perfect for skating. So after a brief consultation in the warming hut, we decided we better take advantage of the conditions and hold the annual IceTT.

It was shorter than usual. But it hurt just the same. Possibly even more. Or at least differently. Last year the pain arrived courtesy of a series of crashes on the freshly flooded ice. This year the snow cover allowed us actually to ride fast, so the pain migrated from knees and elbows into the legs and lungs.

The results are as follows:

Chris - 6:30
Craig - 6:40
Bill - 6:50
Mark - 6:59
Jonny G - 7:00
Vic - 7:22
Brandon - 7:39
Scott - 7:56
KK - 8:00 (apparently fat bikes are not ideal ITT rigs; no fat bike penalty necessary)

Back at the klubhaus, we feasted on left over chips from the weekend. The BF told us about his plans to start a brewery. The Impaler told us some things that were Rated RRR. Graham told us that his real reason for joining the Dark Side was so that he might have a chance of winning the Butter Belt. The Summer of Graham? It could happen. Lisa told us things we'd rather not have been told. And the management told us how much they love the fact that we love each other so much. At least that's how we interpreted the soundtrack for the evening, which consisted of Culture Club, George Michael and an assortment of other conspicuously homoerotic tunes.

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Brad the Impaler said...

Bill way to represent the old farts with a fine TT. Now stop all that training and eat more chips.