Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bunker Project

Cyclocross season is less than two months away. And the Dark Side is starting to get excited.

The Flyover Project is not the only big initiative we are working on for this year. Everyone's favourite bunker is getting a facelift as well. This one is a joint project with our good friends at CMU Cycling. And it is a bittersweet pill. On the one hand, it will make the mound of grass in the middle of nowhere look much nicer. But it will also dole out another kick in the groin per lap. This is on the north (golf course) side, which is longer and steeper than any of the other three sides. You can look forward to ten big steps up to the top, before you have to remount your bike for the trip back down. For the Men's Cat 1/2 race, that should add up to 8-10 additional kicks to the groin.

Menno says "you are welcome."

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Brad the Impaler said...

Good work. That is going to suck.