Saturday, December 01, 2012

TV Listings

Nothing to watch this morning. Unless there was a feed of Tom Beans' charity cx race that we missed. But that would have been bittersweet anyway, since Beans himself wasn't racing. He was in the hospital with an intestinal infection.

But tomorrow, the World Cup series returns to Roubaix after a two year break. If the conditions are anything like they were the last time they raced there, it should be fun to watch.

In case you've forgotten how that one played out, you can watch the last three laps, in all their muddy glory, here:

The course map hardly does justice to how tough the course can get in places. But it is interesting to look at anyway, if only for an example of how to squeeze a cx course into an area in which there doesn't appear to be much green space.
Coverage starts at 7:30 am. Look for links here.

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Unknown said...

You know, the route they used here isn't really all that far off the idea of DarkCross either. Cool.