Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stage 17

More exciting downhill racing. Too bad Sir Bradley and his utter lack of descending skillz quit the race. That would be fun to watch.

As for the vicarious race, it was another stage win for the DFL--the fifth one of the race. This time it came courtesy of some guys named Giovanni and Fabio. In the Giro, it is never a bad idea to go with dudes whose names end with vowels. Which is but another way of saying that you should look for names that sound like they could be characters in trashy romance novels. David was second on the stage. Andy and Karel shared third place.

Dan has Visconti as well and Randy does not. So Randy's lead in the overall race got a bit smaller today. His lead over Dan is now down to 299 points. If the Prince of Vicarious Racing can convince Visconti to win two more stages, they'll be even. King Andy remains in third overall.

Full results and overall standings here.

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