Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TdF Pool is Open

The pool is open for business. Good luck and have fun!

Please note that there are a few small changes this year.

First, teams will be submitted a bit differently. Don't worry, it's easy. And it will make all of us a lot happier.

Second, instead of the usual pattern of picking one Stage Hunter and two Wild Cards, we'll be picking two Stage Hunters and one Wild Card. It just seems to make more sense.

The Rules

1. Choose a team of nine riders from the Rider List based on the criteria listed below. Submit your teams by using this form. Your team must be submitted before the race starts on Saturday.

2. Entry into the pool is free. There are no prizes. Other than bragging rights and a sense of smug satisfaction.

3. The pool is open to anyone. Feel free to invite others to participate.

4. Points will be awarded based on the scoring system below (scroll down).

5. Any rider who is disqualified from the race for a doping violation forfeits all his points. If he survives the race and gets busted later, you get to keep your points.

6. Trash-talking and other forms of vicarious racing banter is strongly encouraged. This is best accomplished via The Twitter. We are @Dark_Red_Racing

Picking Riders

1. Pick two GC riders. Their combined values (the numbers to the right of the riders name) must add up to five or more.

2. Pick two sprinters. Combined values must add up to five or more.

3. TT Men and Climbers - Pick one rider from each list. Their combined values must add up to five or more.

4. Pick any two Stage Hunters. No math involved in this one. Yay!

5. Pick one Wild Card. Again, no math.


Individual stages: 150 125 100 90 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5

Final GC: 600 500 400 350 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 135 120 105 90 75 60 45 30 15

Final Points Classification: 120 90 60 40 20

Final Mountains and Classification: 120 90 60 40 20

Final Young Rider Classification: 120 90 60 40 20

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