Friday, January 27, 2006

Icebike conditions

Just back from a spin at the Forks, trying to figure out where the course is going to run for Sunday. If what we found is even close to being correct, it promises to be a fun course. Many of the same parts as usual, but all on land--unless we missed some river bits here and there. My guess is that it should be a rather fast course. The snow is packed down hard on the paths, and the trail is cleared to the grass, which means little loose snow to push through. The president's comment notwithstanding, fast = good. The same amount of energy spent will get you closer to your desired goal. Juan Eppstein could probably supply a formula that would corroborate this. In any case, all of this may turn out to be moot if the snow that is forecast for tomorrow turns out to be significant. We'll see. Either way, it will be a good time, as usual.

I still hope to get out again tomorrow afternoon, if only for a little while. Not sure when. Call if you're interested.

Johnny and I also scouted out a new potential race course for the FGBC series. This will have to be a late one, since we will want to make sure there are no pedestrians to compete with. Details forthcoming, but for now they must remain top secret. One thing we can safely promise though: no pushups. Burpees or jumpingjacks, maybe. But no pushups. And definitely no flexed arm hang. Bike racing isn't supposed to require any upper body strength. Ever see those guys? The cartoon characters in Triplets of Belleville were only slightly exaggerated. But with all the other race talk going around these days--Bergen's cutoff, Altona--it might be hard to find a time that works. Will see.

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El Presidente said...

Just a short update from the Altona race-planning commitee...

The race course has tentatively been determined for March 4th. Exact course distance has yet to be determined but we can tease you with the following course features: a unique start (void of push-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.), bridge crossings, full-on hill assault, hairpin corners, and wide lanes (at least wider than lanes previously described to me).

Prizes are yet to be determined but there will be prizes! (probably)

For now we're hoping for a 4 PM meeting time followed by a quick course run-through. Then the race. Then the Southern Manitoba-style cage-match knockdown event.

The grand aggregate point system will determine the eventual event champion. This means that even if you kick ass in the race an equal domination of the knockdown by someone else could win the title. More on that later.

The days festivities will be capped by some grub here at Casa Hiebzky and the Duke-Carolina basketball game at 8PM. Festivities will conclude sometime the next morning. All are welcome and arrangements for overnight stays can easily be arranged!

We hope theres some interest out there from our Northern brethren (other then just Hubie) so let us know who's interested.