Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sponcership woes

Several items to report on from the office of the figurehead.

I have made an effort into making some contacts in the hopes of generating a little sponsorship for "the team". The specific goal is/was new jerseys. After several conversations with Orest. I made a trip down to the brewery. I must say that it was rather dissappointing to say the least. I was informed previously that there was essentially no money, but made the trip anyway because I was promised some 'products' as well as maybe a brief discussion about future endeavours . He fell a fair bit short of his orginal 'products' offer. Orest was not even there in the end! He left me a case of dark and 4 touques, twin rivers at that!! I did spend a short while with Dieter, the accountant, who reiterated that funds were slim but directed me to Wayne. Wayne, he said, has the ability to make these sorts of thing happen.

On a somewhat similar note Craig Vidal, cousin in law, is the manager at BRANIGAN'S at the forks. He is very interested in making some sort of relationship with us there. He has strings to pull with FGBC(he and wayne are tight) and would pull some on our behalf if a positve relationship could be established. My concern is I am not sure that this is a direction our team wants/needs to go in. Branigans?? Wings and beers could be OK ??

The last item of note, I spoke with Chantelle today as well. She is the manager of the Fox and Hounds. She was pleasantly intrigued with us. She mentioned that the laws changed 3 years ago with respect to sponsoring teams, uniforms, drinks etc. They had not sponsored any teams since then BUT she has an interest in us and will give us an answer next week with regards to helping us. She needs to check on it with the legals and of course $$ concerns. She was indeed positive. She gave me a logo for artwork purposes! This logo would fit nicely on a sleeve indeed.

I think that we should race at the BERGEN'S Cut off and return to BARG's house, to consume the free case, raffle off the bad touques and whatever 50/50 contributions are gained and reprise the boil up at which point we can discern if new jerseys is what the FGBC is about. :) The race should be in february before the altona open

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