Thursday, February 09, 2006

Next race - February 19 - Bergen's Cut-off

So, it seems we've confirmed that there will be a race at Bergen's Cut-off on February 19th. We'll meet at my place (see the google map here) at 8:00pm. The race area is in the green space just north of my place. (If you are a bit late, go to Kildonan Drive, hang a right (North) and where it ends will be race epicentre.) The race director is planning a trip out next week, to help establish an adequately rigorous course.

There is also a strong rumour that related activities (will not include rotten vegetables this time) may include a bike toss. Stay tuned.

It seems the draw and boil-up were popular enough last time that they may take place again... that will likely be confirmed at our next meeting.

Don't forget to keep Mar. 4 open for the Altona Open.


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