Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sunday race update - new time: 9:00pm

As the president has mentioned, we did plan a loop for sunday's race.

What you need to know:
1. If there's no moon, it could be quite dark. Should be interesting.
2. New start time: 9:00 pm so Dr. H can make it. Meet at my place... check the google map in the previous race post to find it. Note the instructions if you arrive a little late. You'll easily find us.
3. There will be a $5 draw if you're interested... as per last time... I've heard there will be a prize or two.
4. Boil-up. Bring dogs and buns, we'll have basic condiments.
5. There will be a bike toss, and hopefully a knock-down event if Hal brings the cones. The little mermaid would have been a perfect toss... sorry Miriam.

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