Thursday, January 04, 2007

top ten: races

Got a bit behind on these. Our condo in Moab didn't have the internet connection I was expecting. But between Jonnys G & S and myself, we got it all sorted out. In addition to the record number of bike acquisitions, 2006 was also the year that FGBC racing got back on track. So here are the top races of 2006 that were either fully or partially brought to you by the FGBC, or otherwise met the official yet intentionally nebulous criteria for FGBC approval.

10) Icebike: No involvement in putting this together. But the FGBC participation was as high as ever, and the fan support was equally solid. Everything was going fine too, until Penner nearly lost an eye in the snowy slide from hell.

9) Louis Riel Race for Treason. Laps around the new, cheerier? cheesier? Louis Riel statue behind the Leg. Not the more interesting grotesque rendition that is now behind CUSB. Tag-team, kind of like a Madison, but on a snow covered ramp. In the dark. Seemed like a good idea until Unger snapped a brake cable and crashed head-first into the concrete retaining wall.

8) Bergen's Cutoff Race: The few who braved the cold weather were rewarded by a fine course, post-race scotch, as well as beverages and toques provided by our sponsor.

7) Altona race, cage-match derby/knockdown, and Duke - Carolina game. A fine race put on by our southern chapter. A combined event. Can't even remember the basketball game. That's how much fun the race was. Post-race feast and awards ceremony at the Sawatzky household. Jonny S(our grapes) blames a mathematical calculation failure for costing him the victory. We'll see in this year's edition on Mar. 4. At any rate, I believe it was Jonny S himself who pointed out that math is hard. So true.

6) King of the (Garbage) Hill race. Head-to-head, single elimination heats up the biggest hill for miles and miles.

5) Grudge-cross. Billed as a race to settle grudges, it may well have created a few new ones. Either way, it was a good time.

4) Omand’s Creek winter race. First race of the 2006 season. This one didn’t get a name, but it deserved one. There were actually two winter races at Omand's Creek. But the other one was in 2005. And besides, it doesn't really count on account of Elizabeth B screwing up the start. At any rate, this one featured a pre-race derby/knockdown on the ice at Vimy Ridge to warm things up. 17 racers in each event, and over 20 in total, plus a post-race fire and dog boil-up.

3) Curry is for Hurry. Finishing up the season in style. A combined event: buffet, cx, and snowball attacks. My stomach is still full from this one. It may well have been a bad idea. But at any rate it was memorable. And you've got to be memorable to appear on a top-ten list.

2) April Alleycat. A first for the FGBC, but no doubt the first of many. In and around Osborne, Saint Boniface, downtown, and ending in style at the coubhouse. Still working out the kinks on the time penalties and bonuses. Last was first, this time around. Prizes of wine and bread courtesy of velo-artisan bread.

1) Menno-cross. Soon to be famous, or so the poster says. Time will tell, I suppose. But it's off to a good start. Jonny S insisted this one was #1. You don't argue with Jonny S.

Plenty more racing to come in 2007. Hal is getting it all started on Jan. 14. Be there.

On deck: top 10 rides of 2006.

OTT: Hot Little Rocket, Are My Eyes too Red?

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