Friday, July 03, 2009

FGBC Tour de France Pool: Deadline Day

Technically, the deadline is tomorrow at 7am. But we're under the 24 hour mark now. Everything you need to know is here.

The teams have been flowing in at a steady pace so far this morning. We are up to 48 teams by now. Keep them coming. See the full roster below. It will be updated throughout the day.

There are plenty of rookies who have signed up for the opportunity to experience the thrill of vicarious bike racing. Welcome to the 2009 FGBC Tour de France Pool. Be nice to them, everybody.

The FGBC is well represented in the pool. There is even a rumour that the President is planning to submit a team. RRR? Not so well represented at this point. Only Brad the Impaler has submitted a team so far. As usual, he got his in right away. That guy is so eager. It's a little scary.

There is one rather significant development to report. Tom Boonen has been cleared to race. That means Allan Davis has to sit this one out. It has to suck to be him right now. I have decided to add Boonen to the list of potential riders. He's a 1 point sprinter, alongside Cavendish. Feel free to change your team if you like. As for Davis, only Dallas picked him. Dallas, can you please fix that?


Charlie C (Eugene)
Jay S (Durham)
Brad E (Winnipeg)
Hal L (Winnipeg)
Paul V (Winnipeg)
David S (Altona)
Dallas S (Winnipeg)
Matt H (Winnipeg)
Vic P (Winnipeg)
Craig P (Winnipeg)
Jon B (Winnipeg)
Bill A (Winnipeg)
Chris H (Winnipeg)
Jonny N (Seattle)
Darryl N-B (Winnipeg)
Paddy H (Lethbridge)
Naomi H (Lethbridge)
Chris O (Durham)
Keith M (Winnipeg)
Colin A (Winnipeg)
LeAnn F (Winnipeg)
Ramon R (Kitchener)
Olli H (Winnipeg)
Melissa H (Winnipeg)
John Wa (Winnipeg)
Mark Z (Winnipeg)
Jonny G (Winnipeg)
Johnny S (Altona)
Charlene G (Winnipeg)
Ian H (Winnipeg)
Donna H (Winnipeg)
John M (Winnipeg)
Devin C (Winnipeg)
Mark S (Winnipeg)
Adam B (Winnipeg)
Andy L (Headingly)
James F (Winnipeg)
Larry K (Winnipeg)
Kevin K (Winnipeg)
Jeff P (Winnipeg)
John Wi (Winnipeg)
Mike G (Winnipeg)
Rachel H (Winnipeg)
Chris D (Winnipeg/Saudi Arabia)
Matt R (Durham)
Cheryl K (Altona)
Dennis L (Toronto)
Greg W (Hamilton)


Anonymous said...

I'm getting screwed here you know that don't you?
I went from having a great leadout train to squat:(

Freire it is then.

Dallas " BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Sigurdur

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Dallas.