Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charlie's Time

Our man from the West Coast, Charlie won his first vicarious race today. Unfortunately, he had to share it with Mike. That guy is so greedy. But a win is a win. Well done, Charlie. Charlie and Mike both had 220 points, largely on account of having David Millar on their team. He won the real race today, showing he can still TT a little bit. Of course, it helped that all the other TT big shots have gone home. But I'm sure Saint David will take it. Matt was third on the day with 200 points

Rachel continues to lead the overall race. And her chances look good, especially on the likelihood that she will get some decent points from Greipel tomorrow. Hal is still in second. But Chris A has moved into third place. There are another 5 teams within 105 points of the final podium step. So it's not exactly over yet. Those post-race bonus points are looming rather large at this point. We will see how it all plays out tomorrow.

Full results here.

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