Sunday, October 11, 2009

Close Call

Without the double-digit numbers we have become accustomed to seeing at the cx races, it looked like we might be in trouble. And with Archie's win and the Impaler's podium, the talk at the Belgian club over post-race frites, mayo, and ale was that the cereal pushers might have taken this round. But our all around awesomeness helped us extend winning streak. Having an extra rider didn't hurt either. Neither did Mike's flat tire. 103 - 85 for the dark side.

Individual results, translated into Challenge points, are as follows:

Craig - 22 points
LeAnn - 20
Chris - 16
Vic - 16
Thomas - 15
Jonny - 14

Artur - 25
Brad - 20
Michelle - 18
Larry - 16
Mike - 6

Full results here.

See you next weekend in Altona.


Brad the Impaler said...

The idea of a double or nothing wrap up throwdown is looking like our only hope for victory.

Anonymous said...

And looking a bit more fun.

KK said...

With Brad finishing in 2nd, I score him at 22.

The Dark Lord said...

Oops. I thought he was third.

The gap is narrowing.

Brad the Impaler said...

Technically I was second. Actually I was third. But since Artur is racing on a Citizen license, he didn't technically win our race. He just actually won our race.

KK said...

If Michelle gets 18 for her finish, then Brad should get 22 for his result.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, Brad should get 22.

This whole thing with the citizens needs to be tightened up for next year. Different races take different approaches--some separating the citizens as their own category, others grouping them together with the main B race. For the Challenge, we are just going with what the official results say. But it would be best if that was consistent.

KK said...

My hope is that next year most (if not all) of those racing as citizens will be full-fledged, licensed racers.

The Dark Lord said...

Yeah, but hopefully there will be a whole bunch of new citizen racers next year.

halloewen said...

you can only have the citizen license for one season. those who purchased citizen licenses this year will need to buy a full MCA license (an additional $55 to the cost of citizen license), otherwise they can only participate in races with event insurance. they will also have to pay race entry fees, which they do not have to pay in cyclocross.

the purpose of the citizen license is to get people to try racing, if they like it we hope they will think that a full license is worth it.