Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TNR Report

Fort Garry Burger Couriers. It has a certain ring to it. If you ever happen to find yourself in need, give us a call. We may be able to help you out. If for no other reason than that it may save us from having to decide what the ride should look like. Assignments are good. And of course this gave us an opportunity to visit the Secretary in his studio and to get a taste of Cousin Bill's sweet dobro sweetness.

Aside from all that, there was some excitement that came our way courtesy of another close encounter with Johnny Law. Coming out of the back lane from VJ's, we turned left, as usual. Which meant that for a brief period of time we were heading the wrong way down a one-way street. Yes, it's true. The one car waiting at the lights across Broadway turned out to be the fuzz. He gave us a long, angry stare as he drove by. Very slowly. We avoided eye contact and rode on. The Cricket, Big Luke, and KK panicked and looked for an alternate route. Which turned out to be a dead end. By the time they got themselves sorted out, Johnny Law was back for more and attempted to corral them. He missed. Missed Luke and the Cricket anyway. When they caught up to the rest of us, we noticed that KK was missing. We assumed he was being interrogated, if not pepper sprayed. But when we went back to look for him, there was no trace of anything untoward going down. Apparently he made his escape after all. Close call.

All this excitement got Big Luke into a frisky mood. So on the way back from the Secretary's studio he put the pedal down and took off for the F&H. High speeds were reached. Lungs burned. Or maybe that was just the VJ Special making its journey back up our esophagi.

There was much talk at the klubhaus about future races. The off-the-grid variety received more attention and interest than the more official fare. Plans were made, the most important of which concerned the Impaler's forthcoming spring classic. More info coming soon. We also wondered why there is no short track mtb racing in MB. We thought maybe we might do some. Then again, we might not. We will see.

Our on-again-off-again relationship with the tunes was back off. Green Day? Seriously? But then all of a sudden--at 12:42 am to be exact--things changed. It just so happened to coincide with the Secretary's entrance onto the scene. Steely Dan, ELO, and more 70's sweetness. That was a good decade.


the secretary said...

"sweet dobro sweetness". Poetic.

Luc said...

short track. yes.

luke enns said...

steel guitar not dobro. right?