Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday Anticipation: Special Friday Edition

Sometimes we like to observe Thursday on Friday. That makes Saturday Friday. And by the time the whole thing gets sorted out, we get a long weekend out of the deal. I could use a long weekend right now.

1) There is racing on tap. The sweetest jersey in the world will be there. As for how many, that is not clear.

For the roadies, there is also an ITT in BHP.

2) Mother's Day is for stage racing.

3) Dallas's favourite race starts in one week. Which means vicarious racing is about to return. Look for more information on the 2010 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, coming soon.

4) But most importantly, the Spring Ride is only 4 weeks away. The Weasel is preparing for his annual expression of camaradarie with the FGBC. Bill, Paul, KK, and I checked out the accommodations on Wednesday. It is going to be awesome.


g said...

I will be at the race on sunday.

Hold back the snow.

penner said...

sadly, I will most likely be out.

rather excessive same day registration fees will keep me and kids away.
$100 to race at Grand Beach... OUCH!

g said...

One must pre register. I believe KK got burned last weekend. I'm not so good with the rithmatic but it seems that the jump from 25 to 40 bucks is I wonder if this money jump hurts or helps attendence?
I guess I could set up some sort of online survey or something, but that wouldn't be like me. I will just keep pre registering to avoid dealing with the whole mess.

I believe there is still time to fax in the forms.

penner said...

get this... actually tried all morning to "pre register"
it would seem that the fax at the shop was 'out of ink???' therfore would not connect.
Gave up at 4:30 pm
so 40 for me 60 for the kids to show up on sunday

Cricket said...

I think I'm going to hold off on the racing front for a little bit longer. No need to set myself up for knee failure quite yet. That can wait until July.

Anonymous said...

I have fought the over priced same day registration for years. What they want is commitment which not all of us can give. I seriously don't get the mentality. Have fewer riders show up in an already SMALL sport because of an unnecessary increase. If there was an over abundance of riders and the field filled then MAYBE but come on this is Manitoba. I have raced since 1995 and have yet to see a packed house. Our Canada cups were a little sparse even.

I mean really , the race is going on even if 5 people show up. The details are taken care of so now all they are trying to do is cover the costs and maybe have a dollar to put into whatever club. So to do this they push out people who don't have the flexibly others have for whatever reason.

This is exactly why I will never go to any governing body meetings or be on a board. I just think like some others and can't be bothered wasting my time trying to convert.

Dallas " This is one of my pet peeves of sports. " Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

You know what I'm gonna do. I'll bring all my Olympia jerseys to the race and anyone who wants to can borrow one and ride at the host club price which is $25. That way Olympia gets some more riders in the field who want to be there and we can prove to the mca that there are riders who are not showing up because of just not being sure.
we'll put a big happy face on the back of the jersey (with painters tape) to show who is the race day riders and how they appreciate having an extra $15 to put in saving, their mortgage or maybe for plants they'll plant in a few weeks.

Dallas " Cross was dirt cheap and look how well that turned out. Cycling is not the new golf or hockey." Sigurdur

Kevin B said...

Hey Brian, I just registered online with Karelo from a link in the sidebar on the MCA site. Here is the link.

wv - guidu

PaddyH said...

I love how it seems this time every year the same guys seem to be saying the same thing....and yet there's online registration....who faxes these days anyways?...quit using up the trees, some of us like to use them to breath with.

PaddyH said...

ps-I need another FGBC jersey....and no, I don't have a coupon.

PaddyH said...


luke enns said...

i'm gonna have a hard time racing this summer without dipping into my beer budget. i don't want to do that. why does racing have to cost money? i can sort of understand the insurance bit. but what else is there? who's making money off this?

PaddyH said...

insurance. first aid(both medical equip and an actual person). commissaires. course markers/tape/etc(and refurbishing them). tools. food. gas for the volunteers....

this isn't just a MB thing where the MCA/and the clubs that are putting the races on are out to get you.

look outside the MB bubble and you'll likely see that you guys don't have it all that bad.

g said...

Kevin thanks for the info. I don't believe Oly. did the online registration last year. I know they did two years ago as i took advantage of it a few times.

Penner...I think you can still register as of now.

Paddy...where have you been? Good to hear you aren't stuck in the hills somewhere.


Coach Dave said...
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Coach Dave said...

Patrick hit it on the head. We live in a fish blow.

The Dark Lord said...

Fish blow?

g said...

Gee fellas.

I was only pondering aloud if the added fees for walk up makes less or more money for the clubs.

There is stuff to pay for. 25 bones isn't too bad. It could be worse.

I was just thinking that if a race slipped my mind for some reason, and I missed the pre reg. I wouldn't pay 40 to go. I'm guessing I'm not alone.

I like the online reg. I just signed up for the Back 40 as well.

You don't need a licence and these folks put on a great event. It was one of my highlights of last year. I have never seen so many dudes cramp out of a race before. good times.

Anonymous said...

I know have had this dicussion a million times before and I'll say it again.
The race in going on no matter what. The commitments are made by the organizer and have to be honored. If somehow it is better to have no money race day added by trying to have no walk ups then i guess it's a weird world. I figure any money is better than no money.
As for the fish bowl that we live in, guess what guys it's a farm province. last weeks road race had 10 in the cat 4 which to the runners i was with this morning was mind blowing. In fact if you take into account that I only went because I don't mind getting destroyed after a 20+ mile run the day before and it only being my third time on the bike this year there was 9. 9 riders in what is a huge feild anywhere else on this planet.
I'm not bagging on the clubs or mca as i think they are awesome. I just shake my head when we possibly turn people away for a race that might have fewer riders than a tuesday night ride.
I actually got a gold medal at assisippi one year because there was only 4 of us in SENIOR EXPERT and Dave d dropped out. How crazy is that? Senior expert should be freakin huge.

Anyway I'll be there tomorrow and I did pre register. I'm just saying that money should never be a factor in inclusion.

Dallas " I grew up dirt poor in foster homes ." Sigurdur

Oh and for the record I have raced in more places and in more sports than easily most people my age and have a good idea what you get for your money. Usually a large field which is why you are there. swag is nice but field size is usually the key.

penner said...

On line pre registration would have prevented all this banter, next time ...thanks kevin.

PaddyH said...

LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!

The Viking said...

Well, I am going to chime in and agree with Dallas on this one. I get the fact that from an organizers stand point you want to encourage the pre-reg as it aids in planning. However I do not agree with the HUGE difference this year.

I am of the mindset that in a province where the sport is NOT growing or really adding new people, the only new faces are ones from the past who come back. WE should be doing more to get new people and something to attract out of province riders as well. Hell lower fees whould aid in bringing back more old faces as well.

I also agree with PAddy as well. We don't have it that bad. We just need some free thinkers on the board, who are willing to take some risks to get people out. THink outside the box and do what is right for the sport in Manitoba and be less concerned about having the perfect projected lap so we finish in the exact right time. Who cares really. I say get the people there first, build your base then make the changes you need to be inline with the CCA. And really the only one that matters for that is Provincials anyway.

Make it stupid fun! Because right now it is not and that is why we ride our bikes. 99% of us will never get paid to ride a bike. SO why so serious.

... said...
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PaddyH said...

sounds like a coup needs to guys are only gonna get change if you get involved...get on the MCA board and start throwing some hands!

wv phrap

The Viking said...

That's the last thing that will happen. I am way to much of a loud mouth for anything to get accomplished. I am highly polite on the boards, however when it is something I feel passionate about then I find it best to say nothing at all as I can be a wee bit offensive and a bit of a hothead. None of us want that, I have a bad enough rep already. Anyways I am not buying a license this year for many reasons. The only race I am doing is the Back 40.