Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TNR Report

The cobbles season over in Belgium is done. It was awesome and we miss it. So we hit the cobbles at the Forks for a little race of our own. It was quite a bit shorter than the usual Belgian fare. About 255 kms shorter, to be exact. But there were still casualties. There were broken bikes (the poosher) and torn flesh (Josh). There were also a few vehicular near misses and navigational flaws. This was no doubt due to the fact that the organizers of this race neglected to publish their "race bible" sufficiently far enough in advance.

The Assassin won, slaying JP in a hard fought sprint up the parking garage. Good times.

I think the results looked something like this:

The Assassin
Jonny G

There were plenty of DNFs. Too many to count.

At the post-race head count, it became evident that we were missing Big Luke. This took some time to sort out. But eventually we tracked him down. He was on his way to Burger King to pick up his post-race meal.

With everyone accounted for, it was off to the klubhaus for the highly anticipated Challenge related shenanigans. But they did not materialize because the President failed to show up. That is lame. Very lame. But we will try again. Probably as early as next week. By then, we will have plenty of results to work with. In addition to Rated RRR, the 2010 FGBC Spring Classics Pool will be done by then. And some will have raced in Bruxelles. This will no doubt give those charged with the task of team selection something to think about. In retrospect, this is working out nicely.

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