Saturday, July 10, 2010

Impaler Time

Brad the Impaler though he'd won Stage 3. But Miriam and Melissa got the better of him by 50 points. And Olli beat him too for that matter, so he didn't even find the podium. But he won the stage today. He finished with 255 points to beat Tom K by 10. Graham the Gimp finished third with 220 points.

KK continues to lead the overall race. But Tom K has narrowed the gap a bit. He's now within 90 points. But Olli has been punted from the podium. He's all the way down to 10th. Ouch. Mike G replaces him on the third step. But look who's moved into 4th place. King Andy is making his presence known. He's actually tied with the Lunchbucket kid. Chris O and Keith are also tied, just 5 points behind Andy and Greg. So places 4th through 7th are all within just 5 points. Maybe they will make a thrilling race for those of us looking up from the bottom.

Full results and standings here.

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