Monday, February 20, 2012

CX Pool Roundup

The J-Train is still leading. But just barely. He went into the weekend with a lead of 195 points over King Andy. Andy took back 120 of those points in Cauberg on Saturday. And he took back another 45 in Oostmalled on Sunday. With one more race to go this Wednesday, the lead is down to just 20 points. Andy has gotten the better of Jonah in each of the last four races. But Jonah has beaten Andy a couple of times recently too. So it really is up in the air. It all depends on who shows up. But the smart money is on Andy.

Full results and overall standings here.

In other vicarious racing news, the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool is almost ready to go. We're just doing a bit of last minute haggling over the rider values here in the Dark Side's Dept. of Low Stakes Gambling. We've made a few changes on how riders will be selected. More info coming soon. The first race of the season is on Sataurday. So be prepared to submit teams by Friday evening. Details will be up by Wednesday, at the very latest.

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