Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TNR Report

The VP of Good Times came through. We raced. It was a stage race. The first stage was a handicap race from the TNR HQ to the Duck Pond, featuring as much singletrack as possible. We left 40 seconds apart from one another, based on an inversion of our usual order of finishing in cx races. This turned out to be perfect, as we all arrived at the Duck pond within a few seconds of one another. Except for the Cricket, whose lack of a light resulted in him taking a few too many wrong turns. The second stage has us racing a very short loop up and down the toboggan slide a couple of times. The Cricket exacted his revenge and won that stage pretty easily.

After Jonny G did some math and applied bonus points for the more hirsute among us, we ended up with the following results.

And yet somehow everyone ended up a winner. The Secretary brought prizes for all of us.

The mini chip buffet proved a fitting segue as the conversation turned to the one rather weighty agenda item. In the end, however, it was all very easy. The Spring Ride stays on the same weekend. And we are back to camping. The Accommodations Director will work on finding us a place to pitch our tents.

Graham brought the evening to a close by telling us just how much he loves us. It was kind of awkward. But at least it was tasty.

After 5 Nordic Cross races, the overall series standings look like this:

Chris 103
Mark 102
Jonny G 95
Graham 76
Vic 71
JP 68
Craig 66
Darryl 60
Lyle 51
Luke 46
Brad 28
KK 25
Penner 24
Andrea 18
Unger 16
Dave E 15
Brandon 14
Kelly 14
Tom 13
Daniel 12
Vanessa 11
Colin 9
Tomek 8
Bill 7


Brad the Impaler said...

Cookies?!! Leaving early is never a good idea.

luke enns said...

why not the chalet?

The Dark Lord said...

If you'd been keeping up with your daily reading assignments, you wouldn't need to ask such a question.

Anonymous said...

A) That third post reminds me of University.

B) I'm sad to miss a chip buffet.

C) Didn't we plan for the Spring Ride weekend at the kick-off party?