Monday, February 18, 2008

24 Hours of Sedition: Done

The 2nd annucal FGBC winter 24 hour race is in the books. Nicely done boys and girls. Let the memorial mythologizing commence. 24 participants. A record turnout. Quite a bit more collective riding than last year too, I think. And with shorter laps, more activity at Sedition Central. The sunny skies and north wind conspired to make the weather conditions less than optimal. The singletrack section rocked. The snow drifts behind the St B. hospital sucked. The twisty ramp down from the footbridge to the river was fun. The wind-polished ice was icy. The last corner on the river into the howling wind was just plain unfair. The Louis Riel quiz was educational. And the Sal's lap, to top it all off, was perfect. A well-rounded affair. There was a dogfest or two (boiled), there were chinsicles, a mandatory Big Lebowski lap (it just keeps getting better and better on each subsequent viewing), lots of sweet prizes, and generally plenty of good times had by all.

Between Ian's 2:15-3:14 am late night lap and Juan Eppstein launching a vigorous early morning attack at 5:42 am, it was even a legitimate a 24 hour race this year.

Thanks all for coming out. And thanks to Fort Garry Brewing Company, Half Pints, and Velo Artisan Bread, and Tomek/Dave L for the prizes. You know where to find it.

There was also plenty of stuff left behind at Sedition Central. The most notable is probably Brad's drivers license and Master Card.

Token photos:

Pre-race conference

The Quizmaster explains

Le Grand Depart

Early in the first lap, the mood is high

Lap 1 commemoration

Desolate river section

Mandatory Big Lebowski lap

The secretary will have his memorial movie up shortly. If you have photos, post them. Or you can send them to fortgarrybikeclubATgmailDOTcom.


Team race:

Tomek/Dave E - 21
Chris/Adam - 19
Hal/Luc - 18
Ian/Dave L - 17
Jonny G/LeAnn - 15
Paddy/Jonny B - 14
Darryl/Brad - 14
Penner/Johnny S - 13
Dave U/Jonny N - 13
Vic/Dave D - 12
Aiden/Colin - 12
James/Naomi - 4


Chris - 13
Dave E - 12
Ian - 11
Paddy - 10
Hal - 10
Tomek - 9
Dave U - 8
Jonny G - 8
Luc - 8
LeAnn - 7
Vic - 7
Brad - 7
Johnny S - 7
Dave L - 6
Adam - 6
Aiden - 6
Penner - 6
Darryl - 6
Colin - 6
Dave D - 5
Jonny N - 5
Jonny B - 4
James - 2
Naomi - 2

OTT: Tom Waits, The Black Rider

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PaddyH said...

that was sweet boyz(and gurlz)...only thing betta was sleeping in our own bed last night....thx again for hosting the race Chris(and fam)!!!