Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ice Bike X

Fast course, blood soaked lungs
Only ten dollars per lap
Wretched off-camber

Results aren't up yet are posted. But I think I remember the top 6 at least:

1. Dan N
2. Rob H
3. Paul B
4. Chris H
5. Olli H
6. Hal L

Decent FGBC turnout, not great. The president built up a new bike for the event. Tinker Tim won the Paddy Wagon. The next generation did well too. Good times had by all. Even the hecklers could be observed smiling from time to time between moments of I'm-too-good-for-this surliness. Too bad the secretary was in Cincy.

Token photos:

OTT: Autumn's Grey Solace, Treasure Box


the secretary said...

secretary was supposed to be in Cincy, but it didn't take... at the last minute, the trip was cancelled (not by me). my no show was related to family agenda and these cursed ribs.
who all was there from the fgbc?

The Dark Lord said...

The results will tell you who was there.