Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Crit #5 = ITT

The Tuesday night race scene continues tomorrow. But this week's Snow Crit involves a bit of a twist. In fact, it won't be a criterium at all. Rather, we're doing an individual time trial. On ice. It's the first (annual?) FGBC Ice TT. The race of truth, baby. Or would that be dare? From The Forks to Omand's Creek via the world's longest skating path.

Meet at the coffee shop in Johnson Terminal at 9:30 or so for pre-race fuel and to figure out how we're going to time this thing (bring a watch). Or, if you want to ride over together, be at my place by 9:15.

I ran in to Tenacious V yesterday while out for a walk on the race course. He said there's only two more weeks of Hummelt Hockey left. Another sign that spring is just around the corner. The new FGBC season begins in earnest shortly.

OTT: Spoon, Believing is Art


Luc said...

The coffee shop is Expresso junction, for those who wanted to know...

but, I'll be there, if all things work out.

trainingcoopscott said...

Hmmm. A time trial that ends pretty much at my house. Looks like I've run out of excuses so expect a rare appearance from thetrainingcoop.

The Dark Lord said...

Right on! See you tonight, Scott.