Saturday, January 09, 2010

Peg City Rollers

A 7pm start is not exactly FGBC friendly. In fact, it's FGBC unfriendly. But in case you missed it in the comments below, here are the details supplied by Olli:
RollRrace will start earlyish with time on the poster saying 7 PM where it should say 7:30. The fierce head-to-head rounds will start only after everyone has had a chance to do their seeding runs . . . so maybe around 8:30.
So hopefully a big FGBC turnout is still possible.


Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

That is a great poster. JS

EO said...

I thought we agreed to have it at 8:00 ?? I have the rollers and run this event so don't worry. It will be at 8:00. We'll set up earlier but we won't start until 8:00.

g said...

Thanks Erick.

I'm in for more wierd pain.

possibly fries as well

KK said...

A contingent of RRR riders will also likely make it out for a few pints. And maybe some bedazzling on the rollers, too.

wv: trophy

The Dark Lord said...

8pm was my understanding too Erick. Thanks for the clarification. This will work. See you tomorrow.