Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Anticipation: The Big One

Giddy-up boys and girls. Only one more sleep until the sweetest weekend of the year. It's down to just hours now.

It looks like we'll have a good turnout. The provisional roster is as follows:

The President, The Secretary, me, Jonny G, Unger, Tenacious V, Juan Eppstein, Cousin Adam, JP, the Cricket, the Weasel, the Hipster, Cousin Adam, Big Luke, Tony H, Lump (the MF), KK, Brad the Impaler, Bill, Paul V, Major Tom, Johnny S, Cousin Thomas, Paul K, Geez Louise, Colin, Gianni, Liam, The Poosher.

We have a potential beer crisis brewing. But the President is on it.

There are still some folks looking for rides. In particular, Cousin Adam needs help on Saturday morning. It appears there are plenty of options for Friday afternoon. Keep using the Spring Ride Open Thread to get all the details sorted out.

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