Friday, November 03, 2006

one more time...

Hi Friends and Neighbours!

This Sunday is your chance to see Manitoba’s best cyclists battle for the gold medal at the Belgian Club Supercross. Riders will be competing in a discipline called cyclocross – a European winter race involving obstacles and running. Starting from the Belgian Club at 407 Provencher Blvd., riders will contest the race on a short 1800m course that twists and turns down Provencher and through the park along the Seine River. The short course will offer you great opportunities to cheer racers on with shouts, the traditionally-used cowbells (doesn’t everybody have a cowbell or two around the house?), or whatever noise-making apparatus you can dream up (accordions are a common Belgian instrument, you know, but pots and pans will work). Age group racers and women race at 11 a.m. for about 45 minutes, elite men race at noon for about an hour.

After the event, (at about 1 p.m.) join the racers inside at the Belgian Club for traditional Belgian music and folk dancing (your participation is optional), ‘frites’ with mayo and a hot coffee or a cold Belgian Brew.

This event is presented by Team Olympia Cycling and the Belgian Club, and is sanctioned by the Manitoba Cycling Association and the City of Winnipeg.

Please join us for this celebration of sportsmanship and Belgian culture in St. Boniface. Hope to see you there!

Ian Hall
Team Olympia Cycling


The Dark Lord said...

It should be stressed that even better than coming out to watch would be coming out to race. Hope to see a good FGBC turnout. Consider it a wormup for Icebike.

The Dark Lord said...

I mean warmup.