Wednesday, November 01, 2006

will this cyclocross stuff ever end....NO

from our friend the poosher....

Toward a Cyclocross Ethic / Why an outlaw bicycle race is a perfect
metaphor for opposition to the Bush administration's greed-based
Ownership Society

.... About a month ago I was jogging along with my wife and daughter
through a wooded part of San Francisco when out of the brush popped a
man on a skinny and knobby-tired bicycle, pedaling as though the devil
were behind him. He turned onto a dirt path, quickly swung his right
leg over his bicycle, swishing it between his left leg and the bike
frame, then snapped his left foot with a twist. He hit the ground with
a running stride, hopped over two logs, set his bike on the ground as
he continued running, then leapt through the air onto his bike seat,
all without losing speed. Five more cyclists followed him in exactly
the same way. Then five more. I had to stop and watch. The next week I
joined them. The following week I chatted with Snodgrass and learned of
the secret race series' glorious outlaw creed. To distinguish these
races from officially recognized branches of bicycle racing -- which
take color-coordinated spandex and $7,000 bicycles very seriously --
Urban Outlaw organizers give special awards for cross-dressing .....

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this could be the antitheses to the rhizome posting (i enjoyed the posting...really...but i also work in the ivory tower; but not at the same level as dr.h). lifted sometime ago from how to avoid a bummer life and waiting for the proper time to use

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