Tuesday, October 31, 2006

more rhizome

while my potentially negative response to the rhizome discussion Friday night might have suggested that I cared little for the topic, it has rattled about for a bit.
My poke at the exclusivity of language in the ivory towers only sent our ivory tower dweller into a bit of a sullen silence on the matter... (Incidentally, that silence is a very effective tool... leaving the less enlightened to wallow in their ignorance. Usually I'm ok there, but curiosity got me...)

Today's reread of dr. h's posting proved relatively fruitless. What next? The people's tool of course, where people can pretty much make up whatever they want and pass it off as correct. Hurray for Wikipedia.

What really prompted me to post this, however, was the wikipedia entry on rhizome. Further down in the "See also" section, is a link to Critical Mass... described as a "rhizomal self-propelled rider event". Not bad, but not as good as "we are exactly what we are".

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