Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Belgian Club race

If you thought menno-cross was a blast . . . then wait until you experience the spectacle known as Supercross--i.e., the Belgian Club cx race, which is set to take place on Nov. 5. It's never too early to start planning ahead.

A note from Ian Hall: The course is going to be awesome – we are keeping everything that was good from last year, improving the flow a bit, adding a few more technical sections (a flight of stairs, courtesy of Hal), and then Tom is adding some serious off-camber speed sections. All in all, it’s still a bit easier than some courses, so good for first timers. It’s also a really great course to watch a race at – you can see almost the whole course from a couple of vantage points, and there are places to warm up if it’s chilly. Cowbells (I need more cowbells!) and pots/garbage can lids/air horns are encouraged. Of course, the fact that there is a bar at the finish line with a half-dozen kinds of Belgian brew on hand also helps.

For those who do not have race licenses, one day licences will be available.

If anyone's available to help set up the course earlier in the morning, that would be appreciated too.

OTT: Jason Ringenberg (with Steve Earle), Bible and a Gun

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