Friday, October 27, 2006

Juan's jueels

Looks like the 2006 FGBC season is ending just like it began. Juan Eppstein has stepped up to the plate and acquired some new wheels, namely Dave L's old wheels. I know there are some in the FGBC who thought this day would never come. Better get a roof on the pig pen Darryl, because the old sow's about to test her wings.

Needless to say, Juan is eager to try out the new ride. Maybe Saturday.

Somehow Johnny S manages remain faithful to the Softride. How does he do it?

OTT: Wheat, Working Man's Manifesto

1 comment:

Johnny S said...

Sweet bike Juan - you're going to love it!

As for the softride - supple, light as a feather and very little maintenance - its easy to love. Plus, it looks like it has a weiner!