Monday, October 09, 2006

la vita buona

Stumbled on this magazine at De Luca's the other day. Just about sums up everything that's good about life. Kind of appropriate for Thanksgiving too, it seems.

Didn't get out on the bike today, but we went for a hike in the Pembina Valley Provincial Park. Which gave me an idea for a ride I can't wait to try next year. Starting at the lake in Morden and doing the standard Trans Canada ride. But then carrying on from there on Hwy 201 to the PVP park. From the TC trail, it's about 10-15 km of undulating gravel before plunging into the Pembina Valley and climbing (climbing!) back up before reaching the park gate. There's probably about 10 kms of trail in the park, and it's all up and down. By the time we ride back to Morden, I'm guessing we'll have done somewhere in the range of 100-120 km. Who's in? This would make a nice enduro race too.

Things are heating up in the Floyd camp. He's started contributing to the online forum at Daily Peloton. Promises to post 300+ pages of documents on his website later this week. USA Today has also picked up on the story, providing a brief hint of the defense plan. But it's not only doping and legal stuff from Floyd at the forum. He's also shooting his mouth off about all kinds of things, just like the good old days. My favourite is this comment on Tom Boonen complaining that the TdF stages are too long: "Tom Boonen is not a stage racer. I don't go to the Tour of Flanders and complain about needing a new diaper. It is incredible how so many complainers can exist in such a difficult sport but that's the way it is. I think that they should shorten the Long Jump." Full coverage of this and (way, way) more at trustbutverify.

Got a package from the Duke via Johnny S this weekend. Let's just say it looks like he's been working hard. You will not be disappointed. I'll bring it to the gathering on Tuesday so someone who knows more about computers than I do can get it up on the website.

OTT: Sex Pistols, I'm a Lazy Sod.

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El Presidente said...

Small correction...the Duker has RARELY worked hard and least notably when pertaining to the video. When was this footage shot? June?

(Just making sure my name isn't brought into this since said footage was delivered promptly. And I'm still pissed that I saw the vid on Saturday night and still have that damn song in my head.)