Wednesday, October 25, 2006

concert - late notice

sometime fgbc rider (this year's spring ride), Paul Bergman, is doing a little CD release event Friday in the hamlet of Neubergthal, just outside Altona. All welcome is my understanding, as is BYOB. (I have understood incorrectly before, so I'll check with Paul and correct if necessary.)

Jonny G (our horse-riding friend) will be one of the musical sidemen, and it sounds like i may lend a little something to the proceedings as well.


Johnny S said...

For those wanting to ride the morning after Paul Bergmans concert (accommodations are available from all sorts of good folk here in Altona) the Tinker Creek or Morden trails should scratch our cycling itches. If the trails are not ideal (read muddy) or we’re looking for more two-wheeled fun, an Altona fun-ride could take us to: two different race tracks, the south-shore ladders, local biking challenges - and if you like ditches, we have ditches! Of course there are the ever popular slow-ride-races and cage-match knockdown challenge (if you boys have the plums). Hope to see lots of FGBC members at the the big show. Peace!

The Dark Lord said...

Always up for a ride. I will bring my bike along.

Juan said...

I would definitely be in for a ride in Morden/Tinker on Saturday. We were planning to go to Wink as a family for about noon on Saturday after the kid's swimming/diving, so if the biking is Saturday morning I would need to hitch a ride down with someone from Wpg.