Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Burger Cat Recon

Mission accomplished. Jonny G, Tenacious V, the secretary and myself took advantage of last night's Tuesday Night Ride to do a little reconnoitering for Burger Cat. The host venues have now been determined. And the winners are:

Dairi Wip
Super Boy's
Daly Burger

You will eat one burger at each place. You must finish the entire thing before you get back on the bike. The route you travel and the order you choose is up to you. Burgers will be specified. At Dairi Wip, it'll be a Fat Boy (see Jonny G enjoying one, below), at Super Boy's you will eat a Super Boy. Daly Burger and VJ's have yet to be determined. There is no puking allowed. If you puke, whether voluntary or not, you DNF. The race ends at the F&H with a pint of FGD.

We also paid a visit to Blondie's and managed to score a brief but pleasant chat with Blondie herself. Unfortunately, she's closed on Tuesdays. But the 9 lb burger challenge might warrant a race of its own some day. It would probably have to be a team time trial.

Though we are an unabashedly exclusive group, we have decided to include an alternative race for our vegan and vegetarian friends--i.e., Tomek and Jonny B (no posers or wannabes). You will consume two veggie burgers and two falafels from the following establishments:

Stella's (Grant Ave. location only)
The Falafel Place

Burger Cat Venues:

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Burger Cat for Veggie Lovers:

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Nice surprise at the clubhouse, post-ride, as the poosher, the Impaler, and Colin showed up to join the conviviality. Just as it was being noted that the Tuesday Night Ride numbers have been a little down of late. Lots of talk about music at my end of the table, but little progress in nailing down exactly what it is that is different about the way kids these days embody a culture of music. Crazy kids.

There was some agreement, however, namely that this is a really bad idea:

OTT: Born Ruffians, I Need A Life


halloewen said...

fly in the ointment.

falafel place has moved and when the lovely mrs. dr. and i biked by their new location on monday night it looked to be a couple of weeks away from opening (could be sooner?). also, if they hold the same hours as the old location they close at 7.

JohnM said...

i have a feeling there will be a few dnf's due to vomit related issues...

JohnM said...

also, can you puke after you finished your pint?
are you technically done?

The Dark Lord said...

Re: Falafel Place. The one on the map is the new location. They said they'd be open by the end of June. We'll give them a chance to make good on that promise. If not, there are backups. Not a major obstacle.

Re: puking. Don't do it. But if you have to, make sure you wait until you cross the finish line (i.e., finish off that pint of FGD). Once you're across the line, the race is over. So I suppose you can puke to yourself silly, if you're into that sort of thing.

Tami Jo said...

be aware that some places are cash only- superboys anyway

that dave said...

omg is that celine dion. i won't even comment on the absurdity of a burger cat.

team jonny said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ha!

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose they have enough five gallon buckets for us at the Clubhouse?
The finish line may be the bottom of my barf pail...

B the I

Anonymous said...

what is the entry fee?