Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Anticipation

Plans are coming together nicely. Suggestions so far are as follows:

Red Top
Dairy Wip
Mrs. Mikes
Burger Place
Daly Burger

Any suggestions from up north?

It seems a recon ride is in order sometime in the next little while. Stay tuned.

Luc and Jonny M have suggested that the finish line is the bottom of the glass of your first pint of FGD at the F&H. This sounds right.

And, of course, the TdF is just around the corner. Which means, of course, the 2008 FGBC TdF Pool is just around the corner too. As soon as the official start lists are released, you can start picking. Preliminary lists available here.

In the meantime, see how the Chicken almost got away with his coup last year.

OTT: The Hold Steady, Slapped Actress


the secretary said...

Our Saskatchewan member who's never been to a ride is noting that Sals is glaringly missing. In fact, what kind of club is this if we think we're too good for Sals. The other suggestion he had was to make the president's backyard a stop and make sure he has something on the grill.

Colin Antaya said...

sals sucks. sals on le esplanade = even more sucking. Too good for Sals? When Elzear Goulet was pursued by Orangeman henchman into to the Red River and subsequently drowned trying to escape, the people of St. Boniface were annoyed. The Sals on the pont where this vile event ooccured is going too far. Mrs. Mikes. The Dairy Wip. Red Top. V.J.s Anything but the dismal dining experience that is the Sals.

JohnM said...

burger place would be a nice final stop...nice and close to f and h. and i agree with colin, no cardboard burgers.

i think we should have a random distribution of the not everyone going to the same place at the same time, cause then we would all just be waiting in line. if we have five stops, then there is 120 different possible routes to the burger joints. divy them up randomly, if you get a good route, then lucky you. if you get a shite one, pedal harder.

Luc said...

I agree with john, assuming i get a good route.

The Dark Lord said...

Are you kidding me? It's an alley cat, which means you decide your own route. Avoid waiting in line by going east when others go west. Or by getting to the restaurants first. No random draws. Sorry.