Friday, May 22, 2009

Cav Soars, Ale-Jet Grounded

After falling behind 2-0 early on, it's now 3-2 for the Manx Mouth. It almost seems everyone besides those two needn't bother. But they'll probably have a chance now that Cav has packed it in and gone home to prepare for the Tour. Allan Davis says he's sticking around. What about Ale-Jet? Garmin looked to have it all set up nicely for their fast man. But Farrar couldn't finish it off. Was there anything else worth mentioning? Not really. But if there was, Pez will have it covered.

Watch the sprint:

Over in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool Matt, er Tony, fittingly wins the stage on the same day he's featured in the Friday Profile. He finished with 270 points. Unfortunately, Andy and Jonny B also had 270 points. So Matt has to share a rather crowded top podium step. In the overall race, there was no change in the top two. But KK has edged ahead of Chris A for third spot by just a single point. The two of them are just 20 odd points behind Mike's second place spot. Look at those top three spots. All FGBC and RRR. Put a case of FGD on the line, and all of a sudden everyone's trying real hard.

Stage 13 Results:

Andy L 270
Jonny B 270
Matt H 270
Paul V 250
Chris H 245
Dan L 245
Naomi H 245
Chris D 225
Craig P 225
Dallas S 225
Bill A 220
Kevin K 215
Jonny G 205
Adam B 205
Chris A 200
Brad E 195
Chris O 195
Hal L 195
Ian H 195
John W 195
Jonah H 195
Miriam H 195
Vic P 175
David S 170
Brian S 150
Greg W 150
Mike G 150
Paddy H 150
Rachel H 150
Charlene 150
LeAnn F 150
Donna H 145
Mark S 105

Overall Standings:

Chris H 2590
Mike G 2365
Kevin K 2344
Chris A 2343
Greg W 2203
Dan L 2195
Brad E 2193
Ian H 2161
Dallas S 2147
Naomi H 2106
Andy L 2056
Mark S 1936
Paul V 1909
David S 1857
Hal L 1836
Jonah H 1803
Bill A 1787
Donna H 1774
LeAnn F 1729
Matt H 1725
Chris O 1703
Brian S 1687
Craig P 1563
Adam B 1561
John W 1537
Charlene G 1500
Miriam H 1474
Chris D 1471
Paddy H 1465
Rachel H 1456
Jonny B 1443
Jonny G 1438
Vic P 1418

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