Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two for Cavendish

Cavendish wins another one. He's fast. Very fast. That is yet another win for Columbia-High Road. And yet another near miss for their fellow-American team, Garmin-Slipstream. Tyler Farrar's Giro, however, has to be considered a success. He finished second today, his third podium finish in 11 stages. Ale-Jet was third. Two notable riders quit the race today: Chris Horner and Joachin Rodriguez. They were sitting 11th and 12th in the GC after yesterday's stage. So that has some significant implications for the vicarious race. In particular, it's bad news for Chris O and Miriam (Horner) and Andy and me (J.Rod), but good news for everyone else. See Pez for the rest. Tomorrow, finally, is the stage everyone is talking about: a 61 km not-so-flat ITT. That should shake things up on the GC just a little bit.

Read Michael Barry's latest diary entry. He can write.

Final kilometre:

Over in the FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, the FGBC train once again set it up perfectly for the sprint finish. 270 points and another stage win for me thanks to Farrar, Davis and Swift. Jonny G, Paul, and Adam finished in a three-way tie for second with 230 points apiece. In the overall race, the top three are unchanged, though the gaps are a little bigger.

Stage 11 Results:

Chris H 270
Jonny G 230
Paul V 230
Adam B 230
Dallas S 215
Andy L 195
Chris D 190
Jonny B 190
Matt H 190
Craig P 180
Mike G 180
Greg W 175
Naomi H 170
Chris A 165
Mark S 160
Bill A 150
Brad E 150
Brian S 150
Chris O 150
Donna H 150
Hal L 150
Ian H 150
John W 150
Miriam H 150
Paddy H 150
Rachel H 150
Vic P 150
Charlene 150
LeAnn F 150
Dan L 145
Kevin K 125
David S 105
Jonah H 100

Overall Standings:

Chris H 2165
Mike G 2015
Chris A 1988
Kevin K 1944
Greg W 1933
Dallas S 1862
Ian H 1796
Dan L 1745
Brad E 1703
Naomi H 1691
Mark S 1681
Andy L 1651
Donna H 1574
Hal L 1566
Paul V 1509
David S 1507
Jonah H 1458
Brian S 1407
LeAnn F 1404
Adam B 1356
Chris O 1353
Bill A 1342
Craig P 1338
Matt H 1330
Charlene G 1250
John W 1222
Miriam H 1194
Paddy H 1190
Rachel H 1181
Jonny B 1173
Jonny G 1108
Vic P 1068
Chris D 1061

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