Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) Spring Ride

Two words: Next. Week.

2) MTB Cup #2

I will not be there. I'm saving myself for the Spring Ride. Anyone going?


Gianni said...

Ja - Halberto and I are heading out Saturday night for the prologue: 2 night laps.

Can Olympia win the FGBC-RRR challenge?

The Dark Lord said...

From Olympia's perspective, I'm sure it feels a bit like you've missed out on the event of the season. And, well, you have. But we are a flexible bunch. I'm sure we can figure something out. Be at the campfire next Friday to help figure out what it might be.

PaddyH said...


hwwhat time you guys bike riding Sat night?


Gianni said...

Dunno what time exactly, but we are leaving Winnipeg at 5, so probably will be there/ready to ride 8/8:30 counting some dinner stop time.

Dark at 10, ride at 11?

You in or what? That'd be cool.

A Dallas/ADHD comment: Anyone see the post on Bummer Life today with the Steve Larsen ad? Kind of funny story to go with it.

PaddyH said...
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