Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TNR Report

Finally, a night without drama. No crashes. No heated debates regarding the details of the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. No bar fights at the F&H to observe. Just a night of good riding and good times. Jonnys G, B, and D, Bills A and W, Craig, Patrick, Brad the Impaler, KK and I started out from the TNR HQ.

We rode in an easterly direction and discovered, much to our delight, that the river trail is finally open for business.

We returned to the site of the Pinedale Project, whereupon we happened to find Colin and Luc hanging out in their living room. Jonny G, ever the sweet-talker, managed to coax them out for the ride.

Little Luc was proud to show off his sweet new wheels:

From there we headed south to Kingston Row, crossed the bridge to the BDI, and rode down Lilac to Wellington Cr on the way back to the klubhaus.

The poosher was waiting for us when we got there. He was in a generous mood and eagerly sprung for the first couple of rounds, down at my end of the table at least. It turns out he was trying to soften us up before asking a big favour. The Pinedale Project could use a little manpower for some demolition work on Saturday. Call it an FGBC Work Day. This is where we all pull together to help a brother out. Think of it as a barn raising, even though it's more like house razing. The poosher will supply pizza, beer, masks and tools. If you can show up at 9am with a hammer or a crowbar, he would be very happy. Jonny B will be there. Colin too. I will be there as well. Others are most welcome.

Laurent (sp?) was also there to welcome us when we showed up:

Missing, however, was the bike rack. Down to one rack already last week, yesterday we showed up to find the remaining one leaning against the wall behind the dumpster. We pulled it back into position and used it anyway. But clearly the parking situation needs some attention. It sounds like a perfect job for the President and the Impaler.

Jonny M showed up a little later--with pizza.

Just as there was an awkward lull in the conversation, KK hauled out the Back 40 Butter Belt and proceeded to do the RRR strut all around the room.

This managed to liven up the mood once again and gave us the energy we needed to press on with the bonhomie and jollification until the lights came on and they pushed us out the door. Good times all around. Another Tuesday Night success story in the books.

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