Sunday, November 05, 2006

cyclocross provincials

(more updates) pictures from kevin braun, dave benson, and results

pictures and words

early morning set up

ice = sand

bill realizing that he has to race in the A category. "what the ...."

dr. h at the start of the B race. as a "license in progress" rider he could only ride in B. that sucks.

deanna wiebe negotiating the mud bog - this only got nastier.

paul benson hopping the natural barrier

the method the rest of us took (dr. h showing fine form)

leanne vs. the bog (check out her new wheels - leanne looks like she might be committing to racing next season...go leanne!)

my turn to negotiate the bog

jon benson with the flying mount (thanks for the correction paddy)

paddy's turn

the bog one more scared the hell out of me

hmmmm, can we say mudfest

(update) the race was a blast, technical and tricky and i'm sure the roadies hated it. results should be up soon. singie speeds rocked, taking 1st in the masters A and 1,2,3 in the masters B. post race included belgian beer, frites avec mayo, belgian accordian music and folk dancers - cool. did i say we had belgian beer....hmmmm, beer.

thanks to all the fans who came out and cheered. you guys made the event rock.


PaddyH said...

correction...that's Jon('s ass), not Paul...he had Paul's arm warmers on and threw us all off...

who's taking the ass shot's btw?...I may have to make life sized poster of mine...

shOna said...

so someone tipped me off this is the place where all the throwdown races are posted...better late then never i guess...and someone is selling life size posters of the manitoba boy's asses? is this for the awards banquet? for if you are trying to get people to come...

team jonny said...

Worry not about the name-mishap. I left my helmet, shoes and glasses all at home and was forced to steal them from Paul, even I thought I was him in some of the pictures taken!