Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride report

Too much fun on the ride last night to gather much photographic evidence. I did manage to get one picture, but even that is mostly of my melon. You can, however, see some semblance of the group of 10 or so that wound its way up and down downtown Winnipeg--literally. The parkades have been identified and assessed, and the race planning can move to the next stage. Look for some sort of parkade based race, probably an alleycat of sorts, in the next month or so.

Good times at the clubhouse. Large group, including several guests. Lots going on. Will leave the minutes, if there are any, to the secretary.

It does bear noting that for the third week in a row Halberto was missing from the ride. He could be heard mumbling something about Tuesday nights not fitting into his training plan. Upon further query, however, he also admitted his training plan consisted of a rather loosely defined schedule that is seemingly adjusted at whim. Morning rides become afternoon rides, Tuesday rides become Wednesday rides. Clearly something is amiss. We will get to the bottom of this, but it may take a while.

OTT: Ryan Adams, Come Pick Me Up

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