Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sweet ride. 50 miles, and a bit more. At least for some. It was like a fluctuating organism, growing and decaying as it pulsed through the city. People kept picking up along the way. And a few fell by the wayside before it was all said and done. Decent turnout too: Colin, Luc, the poosher, Hal, Ian, Vic, Craig, Brad, Liam, Adam, Jonny G, Juan Eppstein, the president, the secretary, and myself. Maybe a few others too. It was hard to keep track. Juan Eppstein showed some woman on a mountain bike that he's faster than her. Very impressive.

Bike racks are on the way. Lawrence and the president have struck a deal. Spring ride turnout looks good. Lots of talk about other business matters. The secretary can report on that. And there was pizza.

Who's that in the truck?
It's Greg Dahl, the baritone
In town for a gig

OTT: Pieta Brown, On the Edge

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